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Enjoying and Declaring the Gospel

Sunday Celebration Service: 10:30am

Sugarcreek Elementary School

51 South East Street

Bellbrook, OH  45305

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Our mission at Sovereign Grace Church is to mature and multiply disciples who enjoy and declare the good news of Jesus Christ for the joy of all peoples.

This is a purposefully broad mission statement on one hand and a very precise mission statement on the other hand. Broad in the sense that many things can fit under that description. Precise in that there are a multitude of things that do not fit under that description.

We ENJOY the good news of Jesus Christ individually and as a church by being convinced of a few things:

  • We are convinced biblically that we were created to live under God’s rule and to find our greatest joy in the Godhead - but are unable to in our sinful, rebellious state - and as such are under the wrath of God and will, indeed, face judgment as Hebrews 9:27 tells us (Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment). And,
  • We are convinced that because of his love, God sent his Son into the world, the man Jesus Christ. Jesus always lived under God’s rule and by dying in our place he took our punishment and brought forgiveness.
  • We are also convinced that God raised Jesus to life again as the ruler of the world. Jesus conquered death and now gives us new life where he evermore works in us to fulfill what we were made for…that is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.
  • We are convinced that true biblical doctrine, by the illumination and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, for those who have trusted in the person and finished work of Jesus Christ in their place - the good news - informs and strengthens our enjoyment of God, and thus our contentment in this life and our hope for the life to come.

So, because of those truths that we’re convinced of we strive to know and enjoy the good news of Jesus Christ - the gospel - because it tells us of our only hope and is the power of God for salvation and enables us to live in a manner that we were created for. We want to enjoy the good news of Jesus.

We DECLARE the good news of Jesus Christ simply because of the following reasons:

  • Throughout the NT we read of our call to proclaim the gospel in our homes, in, in our hometowns, and across the worlds. We’re called to proclaim the good news to one another by way of reminder and stirring one another up, and proclaim it to the nations that they might hear the gospel and respond and be saved.
  • Because it is true that what we really enjoy we speak to others about. When our thirst is quenched we tend to tell others where to get the drink that’s going to quench their thirst.

And we do these two things, by God’s grace, for the joy of all peoples.

  • We are convinced that God is the hope for all mankind; both children and adults, of all tongues, all tribes, and all nations. The only lasting joy for all peoples is found in a relationship with God found solely through the God-man Jesus Christ.
  • We are convinced that our enjoyment of and declaration of this good news finds it’s purpose in glorifying God as others in our homes, workplaces, schools, towns, country, and world come to find the same joy we have.

We’re convinced that we exist as a church for the glory of God in making disciples who enjoy and declare this good news for the joy of all peoples. And so then, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we will grow in our intentionality so that all we do as as disciples of Jesus (the church) is to that end.

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